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Many in the UK are experiencing financial difficulty during this crisis, but some people are experiencing more financial exclusion than others - often being forced to pay a 'poverty premium' to 'loansharks', which is unfair and unsustainable.

We believe there is a better way - this unprecedented emergency calls for unprecedented solutions.


Financially excluded people deserve 0% emergency soft-microloans to avoid potentially disasterous consequences.

We must rise to the challenge of responsibly and intelligently co-ordinating immediate sustainable solutions for those who are most in need.


Everyone can collaborate with and support the emergency 0% trial project.

We have developed an Emergency 12 Month Trial Project designed to enable financial inclusion which is ‘fair by design’.

The purpose of the trial project is to create and evaluate positive social impact by focussed on EMERGENCY RELIEF and FINANCIAL INCLUSION. During and after the trial, we will be evaluating and communicating our findings. The project is run by volunteers who are committed to financial inclusion and fairness for those with less resources.

We need your support. Let's collaborate:




The 'emergency: zero trial project' doesn’t make loans. It simply facilitates ‘micro-softloans’ between people.


It enables individual people to responsibly make short-term, interest-free, emergency, ‘responsible sponsor’ led, micro-softloans’ to individual people experiencing financial hardship in the UK.

It's focus is on responsible due diligence, risk mitigation and social impact optimisation. It does this via tech & data science, driven by social purpose.

The Emergency Trial is ‘Fair By Design’ - responsible systems design as standard.

We conduct thorough but seriously responsible due diligence on both the

micro-borrower, as well as their 'responsible sponsor'. We also provide ethical,           data science driven support for both parties to manage repayments.


The Emergency Trial is a non-profit project and is not a provider of financial services.


Absolutely 0% APR. No hidden fees.


We only work with ‘responsible micro-lenders’, ‘responsible micro-borrowers’ and ‘responsible sponsors’.


To establish trust and maximise desired outcomes, the micro-borrower’s application must include a willing and able ‘responsible sponsor’.


This optimises responsible repayment of ‘micro-softloans.’ This minimises irresponsible risk, maximises longterm sustainability and optimises positive social impact.


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Emergency:zero will communicate with all stakeholders across the UK over the course of the project. The stakeholders are everyone in the Britain. Every one can either lend, sponsor or borrow. Alternatively, everyone can simply become more aware of the importance of financial inclusion. 


We will be addressing the issue of financial exclusion and it’s causes. We’ll also be looking at how 'tech for good' can deliver practical solutions for financial inclusion.


To ensure that we responsibly communicate with all potential stakeholders, we will be communicating via 3 streams:


  1. Social Media
  2. Online Videos
  3. Impact Assessment – Distribution


Stay informed or contact us for more information.

We are looking for participants to take part in the trial:

a. Micro-Borrower

b. Responsible Sponsor

c. Micro-Lender

The ethos behind the 'emergency: zero trial project'* is simplicity and fairness.

emergency trial duration

12 months

emergency soft-microloan



12 weeks (3 months)







hidden fees


responsible sponsor

1 person

* These are not binding and are subject to change during the trial. However, interest and hidden fees will never be charged. Ever.

We welcome input, support and participation.

Contact us for more information or to apply to participate.


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University of Cambridge



Emergency:zero Trial Project is not yet authorised, but will potentially be regulated by the FCA and does comply with it’s guidelines. Emergency:zero is in contact with the FCA Sandbox with a view to being authorised after the trial project period.

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